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Warhorse is a game being developed by Ether Tear LLC.

It's been in planning and asset acquisition for a while, but its initial development was spurred by the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015, but the deadline was missed, and development did not continue as planned. It is being revived as part of Indie Game Maker Contest 2018, being rebuilt from scratch, using no code or renders from the past.

The Developer's Blog will be the initial content of this site, followed by screenshots, and then the game itself (will be free-to-play) and community access. The game will support "cloud saving" such that you'll be able to play the game from multiple devices, and managing those connections will be done from this site.

November 22 2018 Today's Update
Terrain example. Though it looks similar to WH from several years ago, it ultimately has different performance characteristics, and control over the speed of the animation.

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