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November 22 2018 Today's Update
Terrain example. Though it looks similar to WH from several years ago, it ultimately has different performance characteristics, and control over the speed of the animation.

November 12 2018 Today's Update
Animation sample...

October 29 2018 Fresh Start
Restarting the project, from scratch, as an entry in Indie Game Maker Contest 2018, and also an entry in NaNoWriMo as a novelization.

I have continued acquiring assets for inclusion in this game, and thus the scope has crept. For the 2018 contest, they are looking for games that can grow with more content, which I feel this is a good fit for.

I am not using any code, or renders, from the previous attempts.

Over the years, I have had more ideas for growing the universe of WarHorse, including ideas for eventual sequels and side-stories. The novelization will help with fleshing out the supporting characters and universe, in ways that the "prototype" level of the game will not be able to.

It is all an experiment in "finding time" and new techniques of planning and time management. If I had to pick just one of the two projects (IGMC or NaNoWriMo) I know I would fail, but by choosing to do both, I think there is a chance.

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